000034708 - How to delete report templates using RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

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Article Number000034708
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance and Lifecycle
RSA Product/Service Type: Appliance
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.1 and later versions
O/S Version: Linux
IssueThere isn't a way to delete report templates from the user interface. This article provides steps on how to remove report templates.
ResolutionNote:  You need to login as the oracle user via an SSH session and execute SQL*Plus commands as the avuser to complete the steps below, or log into the database from SQL Developer.
  1. Find the ID of the report template:
SELECT REPORT_NAME, TEMPLATE_ID FROM T_AV_REPORTS WHERE REPORT_NAME='<report name which uses the template to be deleted>'

  1. Find the IDs of any reports that use the template ID captured above:
SELECT ID, report_name FROM T_AV_REPORTS WHERE template_ID='<template ID captured above>'

  1. Login to the UI to delete any report results that were created using the template identified in step 2.  
  2. Navigate to Reports > Tabular.
  3. Select the report(s) to be deleted.  Scroll down the page to find the saved results in the table.  
  4. Click Delete to delete the saved results of the report.
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  1. When you fetch the ID of the template in step 1, pick any report and click on it without editing it, according to the template type you saved (if you want to delete a template saved from a tabular report, pick any tabular report), and switch the OID in the URL with the fetched id of the template. The following is an example of a URL which shows the OID to replace with the template ID:

  1. When the modified URL is accessed, you will be directed to a page similar to the report page having the name of the report template.
  2. There will be a delete icon on the right side of the page which will delete the template.