000031036 - How to handle connection issues and timeout errors reported by Customer in RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)/AAeCom

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Article Number000031036
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
RSA Product/Service Type: Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
RSA Version/Condition: 11.0
IssueThe customer will state that there are timeout errors and connection issues seen. 
Customer may report from a perspective of a Monitoring alert  or actual impact on end users and systems.
 An example of presentation of issue:
There are currently connection issues and timeout errors Customer is receiving backside connection errors and backside connection failures Issue began occurring 9 AM EST
Error Message: ESB server backside timeout; DPW_port = 5400; Received latest error 10 minutes ago.
TasksThe CS Engineer must make sure how the customer's monitoring alerts are relevant to connections for our hosted systems and rule out that the issue is only seen on customer-side, and systems. 
Is the customer reporting by a monitoring alert or by reports from end-users, BO users, RSA SOAP return errors?
Customer Support Engineer must investigate is there is any evidence of an ongoing issue with RSA Hosted systems?  Look in SaaS Ops emails for Outage notifications, ask other CS Engineers, ping a SaaS Ops engineer for a quick question are there any outages?
Resolution1.   Ask customer information gathering questions, join bridge calls if invited, you need to understand the following before reporting to Operations. 
a. when did issue start?
b. is issue ongoing?
c. impact on users and systems as a percentage or number.?
d. have there been any changes on customer side?
e. evidence of outage/service degradation/no connectivity -- how are they notified by monitoring alert or by SOAPerror messages, screenshots of BO application,  are these showing RSA systems and connections?
f. Determine if RSA Hosted system is possibly an issue, then open a SalesForce ticket with SaaS Operations at Severity 2 or 3. 
Note: Severity 1(complete system outages or severe service degradation) issues for connectivity problems are infrequently first reported by the customer, because RSA SaaS Ops team actively monitors systems and hosted connections. There would likely already be a bridge call or SaaS Outage notification, however, it is not impossible that a customer can see an issue first. Also, the monitoring alerts will lead to Ops initiated SalesForce tickets for CS Engineers to respond to. 
g. make sure that Operations is directly notified via Chat to available Ops App support engineer, or Email from the case. 
NotesWhat are the connections to RSA systems,  is there a firewall?

BackOffice is open, URL accessible anywhere, exception -- where there are IP Whitelists in place,  but BO URL connects to an easily recognizable page that states you cannot connect because of an IP restriction.

AAH Service is open to all, is called by service call and can be checked by customer and CS Engineer

AAH/AAeCom  sFTP and Direct Connect for File Transfers over ports....  

AAeCom connections to RSA are via interfaces, XML, batch, ......