RSA announces the upcoming release of Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0

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RSA announces the upcoming release of Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0


New in this Version

RSA Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0 includes the following new features and enhancements.


Out-of-Band Transaction Signing

Through the integration of RSA Adaptive Authentication Mobile SDK 3.7, RSA Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0 introduces transaction signing, an out-of-band step-up authentication method for payment transactions. This authentication method combats fraud from advanced Trojan attacks by providing assurance of the integrity and authenticity of payment transactions.

In the Policy Management application, you can set rules that challenge end users with transaction signing. For the authentication to be out-of-band, you must set the Channel Indicator in the Policy Management application to WEB.

When an end user initiates an activity on the web channel, if a policy rule is triggered and an action is set to challenge the end user with transaction signing, the end user receives a push notification on the mobile device with the payment details and is prompted to approve or reject the payment transaction. The end user views the transaction details and approves or rejects the transaction from the mobile device. The approval is sent as a cryptographic signature of the transaction details to the Adaptive Authentication server. Adaptive Authentication validates the signature and based on the results (pass or fail), the end user’s web-based session is updated accordingly (allowed or declined).

Optionally, you can integrate transaction signing with the Adaptive Authentication biometrics suite. After approving a transaction, the end user is challenged with a biometrics verification screen. If the biometrics authentication passes, the cryptographic signature is sent to Adaptive Authentication.

The mobile APIs and screens for this feature are bundled in RSA Adaptive Authentication Mobile SDK 3.7. For more information on the Mobile SDK 3.7, see the RSA Adaptive Authentication Mobile SDK Modules 3.7 Developer's Guide.


Fraud Detection

RSA introduces an enhanced risk model with Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0. These enhancements, resulting from ongoing research by the RSA Research Team on fraud patterns observed across our customer base, improve the risk model’s ability to identify fraud and reduce false positive rates.


Upgrade Information

Upgrade from Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x to 13.0

Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0 and Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x are hosted in different environments which are maintained in parallel, allowing for a gradual upgrade to Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0. Unlike in previous upgrades, the upgrade from Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x to Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0 will not be implemented automatically for all Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) customers. For information about the upgrade, see the RSA Adaptive Authentication 13.0 Upgrade Guide in the Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0 documentation set.

To arrange for the upgrade, contact an RSA account representative.


Upgrade from Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 12.2 to 13.0

The upgrade from Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 12.2 to Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0 will be implemented automatically for all Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 12.2 customers. To benefit from the new features available in Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 13.0, customers will need to implement certain procedures as detailed in the RSA Adaptive Authentication 13.0 Integration Guide.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Availability

The UAT environment will be available on March 12, 2017.

To obtain draft product documentation available for UAT, contact RSA Customer Support. 

For more information, contact an RSA account representative.


Production Availability

The Production environment will be available on April 9, 2017.


For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA Adaptive Authentication page on RSA Link.


EOPS Policy:

RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.