000034691 - Backup fails from the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x Operations Console

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Article Number000034691
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.1, 8.2
IssueThe backup taken from the Operations Console fails when backing up the database with the following message:
There was a problem processing your request.
An error occurred while backing up the system: Failed to backup the database
Please call customer support. For error details, check the 'Advanced Status View'


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The Advanced View shows the following message:
Starting Database backup..
Backing up database to /opt/rsa/am/backup/staging/database/DB_BACKUP.dump
Initialization OK.
Database command OK: pg_dump
Database command arguments OK.
Database command environment OK.
Command failed due to timeout of 3600000 milliseconds.
Failed to backup database. Error:
An error occurred while backing up the system:
Failed to backup the database
Please call customer support...
CauseThe database size is so large that it takes more than 60 minutes to back up its database.  In the instant case, it had grown to over 1 GB in size.
  1. Increase the timeout to 120 minutes from default value of 60 in the database.
  2. Log in to command line session with rsaadmin via SSH, virtual console or direct connection with KVM.
  3. Navigate to /opt/rsa/am/utils.
  4. Obtain the password for rsa_dba user.  Note the com.rsa.db.dba.password for your deployment will be different.
cd ../pgsql/bin
cd /opt/rsa/am/utils
rsaadmin@am81p:/opt/rsa/am/utils> ./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.db.dba.password
Please enter OC Administrator username: <enter the Operations Console administrator name>
Please enter OC Administrator password: <enter the Operations Console administrator password>
com.rsa.db.dba.password: eXaMP13Q7dCYPQpeXjHsP7xxwhSpJEK

  1. Navigate to opt/rsa/am/pgsql/bin.
  2. Connect to the Authentication Manager 8.x database, entering the com.rsa.db.dba.password when prompted.
rsaadmin@am81p:/opt/rsa/am/utils> cd ../pgsql/bin
rsaadmin@am8-p:/opt/rsa/am/pgsql/bin> ./psql -h localhost -p 7050 -d db -U rsa_dba
Password for user rsa_dba: <enter com.rsa.db.dba.password from step 4 above>
psql.bin (9.4.1)
SSL connection (protocol: TLSv1.2, cipher: ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, bits: 256, compression: off)
Type "help" for help.

  1. Retrieve the timeout value
db=# SELECT * FROM rsa_rep.ims_config_value WHERE name LIKE '%auth_manager.backup_restore.timeout.minutes%';
                id                |   instance_id    |                    name                     | value
 ee9c45b39a17893b4bfc6b4d618f58a9 | 0000-Global-0000 | auth_manager.backup_restore.timeout.minutes | 60
(1 row)

  1. Update the timeout value to 120 minutes
db=# UPDATE rsa_rep.ims_config_value SET VALUE = '120' WHERE name LIKE '%auth_manager.backup_restore.timeout.minutes%';

  1. Run the backup again.