How to search for and deploy RSA supported log parsers via RSA Live

Document created by RSA Link Team Employee on Mar 13, 2017
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Search Content Resources

  1. From the RSA NetWitness Suite menu, select Live > Search.
  2. In the Search Criteria section, select RSA Log Device and RSA Log Collector from the Resource Types drop down menu.
  3. Click Search. The log parsers and log collection configuration content appears in the Matching Resources section.


Below is a sample screen in Live Search.  Click to enlarge.



Deploy Content Resources

  1. Select the parser (RSA Log Device) and/or log collection configuration (RSA Log Collector) and click Deploy from the menu bar. The Deployment Wizard dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click through the screens of the Wizard.
    1. In the Resources screen, confirm the correct resources are listed, and click Next.
    2. In the Services screen, select the services to which you want to deploy the resources. You can select any combination of services and service groups.
    3. Use the Services tab to select individual services, list of services, and service groups that are configured in the Administration Services view. Use the Groups tab to select groups of services.
    4. Click Next.
    5. On the Review page, make sure that you have selected correct resources and the services to which you want to deploy them.
    6. Click Deploy. The Deploy page is displayed. The Progress bar turns green when you have successfully deployed the resources to the selected services.
    7. Click Close.