Product Version Life Cycle for the RSA Archer Suite

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All EOPS dates will be reached at the end of the stated month.


ProductVersionEOPS DateExtended Support Level 1*Extended Support Level 2**Upgrade Path
RSA Archer Suite6.9Aug 2023NoNoTBD
RSA Archer Suite6.8Apr 2023NoNo6.9
RSA Archer Suite6.7Oct 2022NoNo6.8
RSA Archer Suite6.6Apr 2022NoNo6.7
RSA Archer Suite6.5Oct 2021NoNo6.6
RSA Archer Suite6.4Apr 2021NoNo6.5
RSA Archer Suite6.3Oct 2020NoNo6.4
RSA Archer Suite6.2Feb 2020NoNo6.3
RSA Archer Suite6.1May 2019NoNo6.2 P1
RSA Archer Suite6.0***Nov 2018NoNo6.1
RSA Archer Suite5.5Dec 2017NoThru June 20196.1
RSA Archer Suite5.4Jun 2016NoNo5.5
RSA Archer Suite5.3Oct 2015YesYes5.4
RSA Archer Suite5.2Dec 2014NoNo5.3
RSA Archer Suite5.1Jul 2014NoNo5.3
RSA Archer Suite5.0Jan 2014NoNo5.3
RSA Archer SmartSuite4.5Jun 2013YesNo5.3
RSA Archer SmartSuite Framework3.x-4.3Mar 2013NoNo5.3


*Expires one year beyond EOPS date unless otherwise stated. Includes Hot fixes for Severity 1 issues

** Expires two years beyond EOPS date unless otherwise stated. No Hot fixes; best effort support only

*** Version 6.0 is a Limited Availability release and not available to all customers