Product Version Life Cycle for RSA NetWitness Logs & Network

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All EOPS dates will be reached at the end of the stated month.

Appliance Hardware Platforms

ProductModelEOPS DateAdvanced Hardware
Replacement Year 1
Advanced Hardware
Replacement year 2
Hardware Migration Model
RSA NetWitness ApplianceSeries 5TBDYesYesTBD
RSA NetWitness ApplianceSeries 4SJun 2019YesYesSeries 5
RSA NetWitness ApplianceSeries 4Jun 2019NoNoSeries 5
RSA NetWitness ApplianceSeries 3Jun 2015YesYesSeries 4
RSA NetWitness ApplianceSeries 2Sep 2013NoNoSeries 3



RSA NetWitness Logs & Network

ProductVersionEOPS DateExtended Support Year 1*Extended Support Year 2**Upgrade Path
RSA NetWitness Logs & Network11.1TBDNoNoTBD
RSA NetWitness Logs & Network11.0Dec 2018NoNo11.1
RSA Security Analytics10.6Oct 2019NoNo11.0
RSA Security Analytics10.5Jun 2018NoNo10.6
RSA Security Analytics10.4Sep 2017NoNo10.5
RSA Security Analytics10.3Nov 2016NoNo10.4
RSA Security Analytics10.2Jun 2016NoNo10.3
RSA Security Analytics10.1Mar 2016NoNo10.2
RSA Security Analytics10.0Dec 2015NoNo10.1
RSA NetWitness NextGen9.8Dec 2015NoNo10.0
RSA NetWitness NextGen9.7Nov 2014NoNo9.8
RSA NetWitness NextGen9.6Sep 2014NoNo9.7
RSA NetWitness NextGen9.5Aug 2013NoNo9.6
RSA NetWitness NextGen9.0Nov 2011NoNo9.5
RSA NetWitness (Legacy)8.6Sep 2011NoNo9.0
RSA NetWitness Informer2.0Dec 2015NoNo10.1
RSA NetWitness Informer1.6Nov 2012NoNo2.0
RSA NetWitness Spectrum1.1Dec 2015NoNo10.2
RSA NetWitness Spectrum1.0Jun 2014NoNo1.1



* Expires one year beyond EOPS date unless otherwise stated. Includes Hot fixes for Severity 1 issues

** Expires two years beyond EOPS date unless otherwise stated. No Hot fixes; best effort support only