Host GS: Kill a Connection to a Service

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You can view sessions that are running on a service in the Service System view. From within the list of sessions, you can end the session and end active queries in a session.

End a Session on a Service

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.

    The Administration Services view is displayed.

  2. Select a service, and select Actns.png   > View > System.

    The Service System view is displayed.


  3. In the Sessions grid at the bottom, click a session number > Kill This Session.

The session ends and is removed from the grid.

End an Active Query in a Session

  1. Scroll down to the Sessions grid.
  2. In the Active Queries column, click a non-zero count of active queries for a session. You cannot click on it if there are 0 active queries.
    The Active Queries dialog is displayed.
  3. Select a query and click Cancel Query.
    The query stops and the Active Queries column is updated.
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