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This topic describes the features of the timeline charts in the Services Stats view.

Timeline charts display statistics in a running timeline. The Services Stats view includes two types of timelines: current time and historical. You can drag any statistic available in the Chart Stats Tray to the Timeline Charts section. Only statistics for session size, sessions, and packets are viewable in historical timeline charts. The properties of an individual timeline chart are editable; all timeline charts have an editable title and some have additional editable properties. 

The following figure is an example of a current timeline showing the value and timestamp of a data point.


The following figure is an example of a historical timeline chart.


The default current timeline charts show these statistics:

  • Memory Process
  • CPU
  • Memory Process Max

The historical time charts show these statistics:

  • Sessions
  • Packets
  • Session Size

The controls in the Timeline Charts title bar and in each timeline are the standard dashlet controls.

  • In the Timeline Charts title bar, you can collapse and expand the section and page forward or back.
  • In each timeline, you can edit Properties (IconEditPorperties.png) and delete (IconDeleteDashlet.png) the timeline.
  • Hovering over a data point in the chart, displays the value and timestamp for the selected point.
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