Host GS: Step 3. Review SSL Ports for Trusted Connections

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To support trusted connections each core service has two ports, an unencrypted non-SSL port and an encrypted SSL port. Trusted connections require the encrypted SSL port. 


To establish a trusted connection, each Security Analytics Core service must be upgraded to 10.4 or later. Trusted connections are not backwards compatible with Security Analytics Core 10.3.x or earlier. 

Encrypted SSL Ports

When you install or upgrade to 10.4 or later, trusted connections are established by default with two settings:

  1. SSL is enabled.
  2. The core service is connected to an encrypted SSL port.

Each Security Analytics Core service has two ports:

  • Unencrypted non-SSL port
    Example:  Archiver 50008
  • Encrypted SSL port
    Example:  Archiver 56008

The SSL port is the non-SSL port + 6000.

The following table lists all Security Analytics services with their respective ports and shows that each core service has two ports. All port numbers listed are TCP.

ServiceUnencrypted Non-SSL PortEncrypted SSL Port
Context HubN/A50022
Event Stream AnalysisN/A50030
Incident ManagementN/A50040
IPDB Extractor5002556025
Log Collector5000156001
Log Decoder5000256002
Malware AnalysisN/A60007
Reporting EngineN/A51113
Warehouse Connector5002056020
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