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This topic introduces the Services System view > Host Task List dialog.

In the RSA Security Analytics Services System view, you can use the Host Tasks option to manage tasks that relate to a host and its communications with the network. Several service and host configuration options are available for Core services.

To access the Host Tasks dialog:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration >Services.
  2. Select a service and select Actns.pngView> System.

    The System View for the service is displayed.

  3. In the Services System view toolbar, click Host Tasks.
    The Host Task List dialog is displayed. The Task list offers a list of supported messages for the associated host.



The table below describes the dialog features.



TaskAn entry field in which you type or select a message for a Core host. When you click in this field a drop-down list of available host tasks is displayed.
ArgumentsAn entry field in which you enter the arguments, if any, for the message.
RunExecutes the task and arguments in the entry fields.
InfoInformation about the message purpose and syntax.
OutputThe output or result of an executed task.
CancelCloses the Host Task list dialog.

Host Task Selection List

These tasks are displayed as a drop-down list in the Task field. The available options are regulated by the security role required to execute the option. 

Add Filesystem MonitorStarts monitoring the storage services attached to the specified filesystem (see Add and Delete a Filesystem Monitor.
Delete Filesystem MonitorStops monitoring the storage services attached to the specified filesystem (see Add and Delete a Filesystem Monitor).
Reboot HostShuts down and restarts the host (see Reboot a Host).
Set Host Built-in ClockSets the host local clock (see Set Host Built-In Clock).
Set Host HostnameThis method of changing the hostname is deprecated in Security Analytics 10.6; replaced by the procedure described in Change the Name and Hostname of a Host
Set Network ConfigurationSets network address parameters (see Set Network Configuration).
Set Network Time SourceSets the clock source for this host (see Set Network Time Source).
Set Syslog ForwardingEnables or disables syslog forwarding from a remote server to the selected service (see Set Syslog Forwarding).
Show Network Port StatusShows the network interface information for a host (see Show Network Port Status).
Show Serial NumberGets the host serial number (see Show Serial Number).
Shut Down HostShuts down the physical host and the host remains off (see Shut Down Host).
Start ServiceStarts a service on this host (see Stop and Start a Service on a Host).
Stop ServiceStops a service on this host (see Stop and Start a Service on a Host).
setSNMPEnables or disables the SNMP service on a host (see Set SNMP).
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