Host GS: Create and Manage Host Groups

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The Administration Hosts view provides options for creating and managing groups of hosts. The Groups panel toolbar includes options for creating, editing, and deleting host groups. Once groups are created, you can drag individual hosts from the Hosts panel into a group.

Groups may reflect functional, geographical, project-oriented, or any other organization principle that is useful. A host may belong to more than one group. Here are some examples of possible groupings:

  • Group different host types to make it easier to configure and monitor all Brokers, Decoders, or Concentrators.
  • Group hosts that are part of the same data flow; for example, a Broker, and all associated Concentrators and Decoders.
  • Group hosts according to their geographic region and location within the region. If a major power outage occurs in a location, potentially affected hosts are easily identifiable.

Create a Group

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Hosts.

    The Administration Hosts view is displayed.

  2. In the Groups panel toolbar, click >IconAddDevice.png.

    A field for the new group opens with a blinking cursor.

  3. Type the name of the new group in the field (for example, A New Group) and press Enter.

    The group is created as a folder in the tree. The number next to the group indicates the number of hosts in that group.


Change the Name of a Group

  1. In the Hosts view Groups panel, double-click the group name or select the group and clickIconEditDevice.png.

    The name field opens with a blinking cursor.

  2. Type the new name of the group and press Enter.

    The name field closes and the new group name is displayed in the tree.

Add a Host to a Group

In the Hosts view Hosts panel, select a host and drag the host to a group folder in the Groups panel; for example, NewGroup.


The host is added to the group.

View the Hosts in a Group

To view the hosts in a group, click the group in the Groups panel.
The Hosts panel lists the hosts in that group.


Remove a Host from a Group 

  1. In the Hosts view Groups panel, select the group that contains the host that you want to remove. The hosts in that group appear in the Hosts panel.
  2. In the Hosts panel, select one or more hosts that you want to remove from the group, and in the toolbar, select 104ApplRem.png> Remove fromGroup.

    The selected hosts are removed from the group, but are not removed from the Security Analytics user interface. The number of hosts in the group, which is listed near the group name, decreases by the number of hosts removed from the group. The All group contains the hosts that were removed from the group.

    In the following example, the host group called A New Group does not contain any hosts, since the host in that group was removed.


Delete a Group 

  1. In the Hosts view Groups panel, select the group that you want to delete. 
  2. Click 104ServRem.png.

    The selected group is removed from the Groups panel. The hosts that were in the group are not removed from the Security Analytics user interface. The All group contains the hosts from the deleted group. 

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