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Under certain circumstances; for example, a hardware upgrade or an extended power outage that exceeds backup power capacity, it may be necessary to shut down a physical host. When you shut down a host, all services running on the host are stopped and the physical host turns off.

The physical host does not restart automatically; instead the power switch must be used to restart the host. Once the physical host restarts, the host and services are configured to restart automatically.

Security Analytics offers other options for starting and stopping a host that do not shut down the physical host:

  • To shut down and restart a host through an attached service, see Reboot a Host.
  • To shut down and restart a host using a host task, see Reboot a Host.

Shut Down the Physical Host

  1. In the HostTask List dialog, select Shut Down Host in the Task field.


  2. To execute the task, click Run.
    The host shuts down, and the physical host turns off. 
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