Host GS: Core Service-to-Service Configuration

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This topic lists and describes the configuration parameters that control how a Core service connects to another Core service. For example, when a Concentrator connects to a decoder, the parameters of that connection are controlled by these settings.

Whenever a Core service establishes a connection to another Core service, the service that acts as the client creates a new sub-folder in the /services folder of the configuration tree. The name of the sub-folder corresponds to the name of the service and has the form host:port. For example, the service connection folder for a Concentrator connection to a Decoder could be /services/reston-va-decoder:50004. Inside each service connection folder, there is a config sub-folder that holds configurable parameters.

The following table describes the Service Configuration settings:

Services/services/host:port/config a non-SSL connection to connect to a SSL service, when set to true. Otherwise, if false, non-secure to secure connections will be denied. Change takes effect immediately.
compressionDisplays a config node that determines if data is compressed before sending. A positive value determines the number of bytes that need to be sent before it will be compressed. Zero means no compression.
crc.checksumDisplays a config node that determines if data streams are validated with a CRC checksum. A positive value determines the number of bytes that need to be sent before it will be CRC validated. Zero means no CRC validation.
sslDisplays a config node that enables or disables SSL encryption on the connection.
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