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This topic introduces the features of the URL Integration panel.

URL integration provides a way to represent the breadcrumbs, or query paths, a user takes when actively investigating a service in the Navigation view. The need to view and modify these objects rarely occurs.

Caution: After a query has been removed from the system, any Investigation URLs that included the ID of that query will no longer function.

To access this view:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, click Administration > System.
  2. In the options panel, select URL Integration.



The URL Integration panel has a grid and a toolbar. This table describes the information in the grid.

IDThis is a unique ID that is used to look up the query in the Security Analytics data store.
Display NameThis is the string that is displayed in the breadcrumb trail.
QueryThis is the underlying query snippet.
UsernameThis is the name of the user who made the query.
When CreatedThis is the date and time that the query was made.

The toolbar has these options.

del_report.png Deletes the selected queries. Security Analytics requests confirmation that you want to delete the queries. You can respond Yes or No.
icon-edit.png Displays the Edit Query dialog.
rule_refresh.png Refreshes the list.
Icon-clear.png Clears the entire list of queries. Security Analytics requests confirmation that you want to clear the list. You can respond Yes or No.
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