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This topic introduces the features of the Services Security View > Roles Tab.

The Roles tab enables you to create roles and assign permissions. Each role can have different permissions for different services. For example, the Analysts role can have different role permissions based on the selected service.

Before you can add users to roles, you need to define user roles, usually by function, and assign permissions to the roles. 

Procedures related to this tab are described in Service Procedures.

To display the Services Security View > Roles tab:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.
  2. Select a service to which you want to add a user, and select Actns.png  > View > Security.
  3. Select the Roles tab.

The following figure shows the Roles tab in the Services Security view.



The Roles tab has a Role Name panel on the left. Selecting a role name shows the Role Information panel for the selected role on the right.

Role Name Panel

The Role Name panel has the following features.

104ApplAdd.png Adds a new group to the current service.
104ServRem.png Deletes the selected group from the current service.
104ServSecDup.png Copies a role and its assigned permissions to a new role. The name of the new role must be unique. For example, you can copy the Analysts role and create another role with a new name, such as Analyst_Managers.
ReplicatePushes a role and its assigned permissions to other services. After you select a role and click Replicate, the Replicate Role to other services dialog is displayed. In the dialog, you can select the services where you want to replicate the role.

The following figure shows the Replicate Role to other services dialog.


Role Information Panel

The Role Information panel defines role permissions. 

There are two buttons:

  • The Apply button saves the changes made in the Role Permissions panel and they become effective immediately.
  • If you have not saved changes in the Role Permissions panel, the Reset button resets all fields and settings to their values before editing.
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