Licensing: Step 2. Synchronize Security Analytics Server

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This topic provides instructions for the second step of the Security Analytics entitlement process, synchronizing the Security Analytics server with the online repository and downloading mapped entitlements to the Local License Server (LLS).


Before you perform this step, the Security Analytics server must be registered to Download Central and entitlements must be mapped. If you are doing online synchronization, Security Analytics must have access to the internet as well as have a designated nameserver (DNS). Internet access is not required for offline synchronization.

Verify That the Server Has a DNS

To verify that the server has a DNS:

  1. Do one of the following:

    1. Manually enter the nameserver information within /etc/resolv.conf for static IP environments.
    2. Set the BOOTPROTO to static in the management IP configuration.
  2. Restart the network services using the following command:

    service network restart

  3. Verify the capability to reach external systems via a hostname. Update with FNO-OD hostname.

Synchronize with Download Central

There are two methods of synchronizing Security Analytics with Download Central: automatic (online) and offline. You can also force online synchronization by refreshing the view of LLS entitlements in the Performance Licensing tab.

Synchronize Automatically (Online)

By default Security Analytics is configured to synchronize with Download Central at regular intervals. No action is required.

Refresh Licenses

Refreshing your licenses performs the following behind-the-scenes tasks:

  • Restarts LLS server to ensure the latest licenses are pulled down from the central Flexera server.
  • Associates any unlicensed service with a valid license (if available).
  • Replaces expired and/or Out-of-the-Box license with valid licenses (if available).

To refresh the view of available files on the Local License Server:

  1. Log on to Security Analytics.
  2. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > System.
  3. Select Licensing in the options panel.
    The Licensing panel is displayed.

  4. Select Refresh Licenses from the Licensing Actions drop-down menu.  

Synchronize Offline

If the Security Analytics server is not connected to the Internet, you can perform offline synchronization of entitlements through the View Server page in Download Central.

  1. In the View Server page, select Download Capability Response.
    A prompt asks you to save a response.bin file.
  2. From a system with access to the Security Analytics server, log on to the Security Analytics server at https://<SA-IP>, where <SA-IP> is the Security Analytics server IP address.
  3. Navigate to the Licensing panel and select the Settings tab.

  4. In the Upload Offline Response section, click Upload Response.

    The Upload Offline Response dialog is displayed:

  5. In the dialog, select the response.bin file so that it is displayed in the Upload File (bin) field.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. To verify a successful synchronization, do one or both of the following:

    • To view results in Security Analytics, refresh the Performance Licensing tab.

      The individual product entitlements that have been pulled down to Security Analytics are displayed in the Available/Total column.

    • Within the Download Central interface, you can see the status for entitlements changed to In Sync.
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