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The Select a Malware Service dialog is accessible in the Malware Analysis view. In this dialog, Malware Analysis analysts can select a service to investigate, choose a scan on that service to investigate, and upload a file to investigate in Malware Analysis.



The Select a Malware Analysis Service dialog has a Malware Services panel on the left and a Scan Jobs List on the right. The Scan Jobs List panel has a toolbar, list, and buttons to view scans.

Malware Services Panel

The Malware Services panel is a list of services available for malware analysis. In this panel, you can select the service to investigate and you set a default service using the Default Service icon. When you select a service, the available scan jobs for that service are listed in the Scan Jobs list.

Scan Jobs List Toolbar

These are the features in the toolbar.

Displays the Scan for Malware dialog, in which you can upload a file to the service for scanning.
Delete scan job (104DeleteIcon.png)Deletes one or more selected scan jobs, Security Analytics displays a confirmation dialog before deleting scan jobs.
Cancel scan job ()Pauses or continues one or more scan jobs.
Refresh ()Refreshes the list of scan jobs.

Scan Jobs List

These are the columns in the Scan Jobs list. This list is also available in the Malware Scan Jobs dashlet.

NameDisplays the name of the job.
Static, Network, Community, SandboxFilters the results based on the scores for each scoring module.

Displays the current progress made on the job. 

  • Green: The job is finished.
  • Black: The job is in progress.
  • Red: An error occurred.
InfoProvides additional information. Displays the query for the job. If the job is not complete, it also displays more detailed description of the status.
UserDisplays the name of the user who created the job.
EventsCounts the number of events for the job.
DroppedCounts the number of files/events in the job that were dropped because the scores are below their configured threshold.
Event Type Displays the type of job: Manual Upload, On Demand, or Resubmit.
ScheduledDisplays the date and time when the job was executed.


These are the available actions in the dialog.

Cancel buttonCancels the selected scan job.
View Scan buttonDisplays the Summary of Events for the selected scan with the default dashlets displayed.
View Continuous Mode buttonDisplays the Summary of Events for the selected scan with the default dashlets displayed.
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