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In the Investigation > Navigate view or Events view, you can add meta values to an existing list or create a list using the option Add/Remove from List . Related procedures are available in Manage Context Hub Lists and List Values in Investigation.

To access this dialog:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Investigation > Navigate or Events. Both views provide access to the Add/Remove from List dialog.
  2. Right-click a meta value (for example, values underSource IP, Destination IP, or Username) and select Add/Remove from List in the context menu.

The following figure is an example of the dialog when initially opened.

The following figure shows the dialog when you select Create New List.



The following table describes the features of Add/Remove from List and Create New List dialogs.

Meta ValueThe selected meta value to be added to the existing or new list.
ListThe list to which the selected meta value must be added. A drop-down menu provides a list of available lists to which you can add the meta value.
Create New ListOpens a new dialog in which you can create a new list for the selected meta value.
List NameThe name of the new list.
DescriptionThe description of the new list.
CreateCreate a new list after entering the required fields.
BackIn the new list mode, cancels the new list creation and returns to the original dialog.
CancelCancels the addition of the meta value to a list and closes the dialog.
SaveSaves the changes made to the lists and closes the dialog.
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