RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Appliance Updater

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This Appliance Updater enables customers to update their RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle hardware appliances with the latest database and operating system patches.  Customers with soft appliance deployments can update their environment with the latest database updates, if leveraging the RSA provided database.


Patching the operating system and database components is integral to the security of the RSA environment.  To ensure that appliance and soft appliance installations maintain the most up-to-date patches for these components, RSA provides the Appliance Updater, which bundles a certified patch set for the operating system (SUSE or Red Hat) and the local Oracle database.  Downloading and running the latest appliance updater closes vulnerabilities and bugs addressed by the patches.  The Appliance Updater does not patch the RSA product itself.



RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Appliance Updater


RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Appliance Updater Guide (for August 2019 and later)

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Appliance Updater Guide (for December 2017) 

The following files can be used to update deployments for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1.0, 7.1.1, 7.2.0 or later patch versions.


Note: The Oracle and OS Appliance updaters are now packaged as separate updaters.  To install the OS and Oracle updates (if you need both for your deployment)  you’ll need to download  BOTH the OS and Oracle updaters and perform separate installations .  [Prior to the August 2018 release the OS and Oracle updates were published as a combined OS/Oracle updater.]



The December 2017 Appliance Updater for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5) is the last Appliance Updater for RHEL 5.  RHEL 5 reached the end of Production Phase 3 support on March 31, 2017.

October 2020 SUSE 12 Appliance Updater Checksum

September 2020 Oracle 12 Appliance Updater Checksum

May 2020 SUSE 11 Appliance Updater SHA256 Checksum

Appliance Updater Red Hat SHA256 Checksums 


The Appliance Updater for deployments using the RSA IMG v6.8.1 or v6.9.1 releases can be found here: RSA Identity Management and Governance Appliance Updater