000034612 - How to use the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Out Of Office feature

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Article Number000034612
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance and Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0.1, 7.0.2
IssueThis article explains how to use the Out of Office (OOO) feature in RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.

Out of Office Feature:

  • The requirement for setting a user to 'Out of Office' has been achieved by using a process that is similar to setting a user to 'Leave Of Absence'.
  • The request forms feature has been used to create a default out of office form that will capture the required data for setting a user to 'Out of Office'.
  • On form submission, requests are created to set the user to out office and bring him back by changing the status.
  • When a delegate is picked, there is additional service(BusinessTaskDelegationService) that will delegate all existing tasks of user going out of office to the delegate.
  • Currently, all workflow items (approvals, activities, violations) and reviews(with reviewer role) will be the tasks that will be delegated.
  • During the delegation period, tasks that get assigned to OOO user will also be additionally assigned to delegate.
  • At the end of out of office period, all the delegated tasks will be taken back from delegate.
  • There are options to cancel delegation at any time.
  • A user can raise out of office request to himself and the users reporting to him.
  • An admin user can raise out of office request to anyone.
  • The out of office duration is limited to a maximum of 365 days at a time.


The full feature will be available in Version 7.0.2

A very limited functionality has been done for Version 7.0.1. The custom flag "FeatureFlag.BusinessTaskDelegations" need to be set to true under Admin -> System -> Edit ->Custom to see the feature. Note that the feature should only be used for demo purposes in Version 7.0.1.

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Steps to use the OOO feature

We have a new form called Default Out of Office form found under Requests Configuration Request Forms to use this feature. Similar to other default forms, the form cannot be edited or deleted.

  1. Once you run the form you get a screen to pick a user for the Out of Office request. 
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  1. The start date and the end date needs to be picked here. There are validations to make sure that the end date is after the start date and that the end date is not in the past.
  2. The Delegate can be picked optionally. Picking a delegate will make sure that all the workflow items and reviews will be assigned to that user from the user going OOO.
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  1. There will be two requests generated:  one to set the user's status to OOO and another to clear the user's status. The specified start and end dates will serve as the fulfillment dates of the created requests.

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  1. The first request will change the status of user to 'OOO' on its fulfillment and the status will be reflected as shown below on Users general tab.

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  1. When an out of office request is raised for the user with a delegate chosen for him, there will be an email sent to delegate notifying him of the upcoming work.

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Once the users status changes to OOO, one would not be able to raise the OOO request for that user till his status gets cleared.

What gets delegated

Below are the tasks that get delegated from the user going out of office to the delegate. During the delegation period, the items will also be assigned to the delegate. The out of office user will continue to be an assignee of the work so that either of them can complete the work.
  1. All Workflow Items
    1. Approvals
    2. Activities
    3. Violations
  2. Reviews
    1. Reviews for which out of office user is a reviewer. In this case the delegate will become an alternate reviewer for the user going out of office.
    2. Reviews with monitor/owner roles will not be delegated.

Beginning of Out of Office

When the out of office period just begins, there might be already be some pending workflow items and reviews already with that user. In this scenario, all the pending workflow items and the reviews will be delegated to the chosen delegate.

End of Out of Office

At the end of out of office period, the delegate will be removed as an assignee from all workflow items and as alternate reviewer for all reviews that have been earlier assigned to him from the user going out of office. With this action it will be made sure that delegate will no longer view or have any responsibility over those items once out of office user comes back.

Cancelling Out of Office

Cancel Out Of Office button is available on the General tab of the user. This button will be available when there is any kind of pending out of office requests for the user or when the user is in Out of Office status. Using this option to cancel Out of Office will cancel any pending out of office requests and clear the user status.

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