000033845 - How to download patch files for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle from RSA Link

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Article Number000033845
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle, Via Lifecycle & Governance, Identity Management & Governance, Aveksa
RSA Product/Service Type: Access Certification Manager (ACM), Access Fulfillment Express (AFX)
RSA Version/Condition: 7.x, 6.x
Platform: RSA Link (community.rsa.com), RSA Download Central (download.rsasecurity.com)
ResolutionFollow the steps below to find the patch downloads for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle versions on RSA Link.
  1. Log in to RSA Link and navigate to the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle page using the main menu or clicking the link below the RSA SecurID Suite section on the home page.


  1. Hover over the Downloads option in the product menu and select the appropriate version.


  1. Click on Version Upgrades button.


  1. A new tab opens up, showing the list of entitlements linked to your account.  The table will include a list of products, serial numbers, contract dates, and links to complete a version upgrade, contract renewal request and contract status.
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  1. From the list of products, choose from the following, depending on the deployment and click the Upgrade link for that row:
  • Access Certification Manager for downloading kits for Software Only files.
  • Access Fulfillment Express for downloading the AFX files for the patch.
  • Click IMG Software Bundle for Software appliance files.
  • R20 Appliance (ACM) or (ACM & AFX) for hardware appliance files.  AFX files also found in the (ACM & AFX) option.
  1. Click the Continue button.
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  1. The Order Detail page will list the product description for the option you chose.   Click the menu icon to the right and choose Product List for the download options.                                                                              User-added image
  2. The Current tab contains recent patch releases and the Archive tab lists previous patches available for download.
The Current tab will always show the most recent release. In the example below, the most recent patch release is for V7.0 P03.  This will be updated when V7.0 P04 is released, and so forth.


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To download the patch files for previous versions, click the Archive tab.


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If you are unsure of any of the steps above or experience any issues, contact RSA Customer Support and quote this article number for further assistance.
NotesYou can also get directly to the Version Upgrades page on RSA Link by navigating to https://community.rsa.com/version-upgrades or by clicking on the Upgrade tab within the Case Management portal.