000034997 - How to complete the RSA SecurID Access Solution Architecture Workbook

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Article Number000034997
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA SecurID Access
RSA Product/Service Type: Cloud Authentication Service, Identity Router, Authentication Manager
IssueThe RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service Setup and Configuration Guide refers to the RSA SecurID Access Solution Architecture Workbook, where you should complete the Solution Diagram Worksheet for your deployment.  The Workbook is a tabbed spreadsheet file that should be completed as an important first step before configuring your RSA SecurID Access deployment.  It is a quick and easy method to plan the correct Cloud, Identity Router, Authentication Manager, DNS, firewall and other configuration changes that must be made to successfully deploy RSA SecurID Access. 
TasksRead Chapter 3: Completing the RSA SecurID Access Solution Architecture Workbook of the RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service Planning Guide.  It explains how you can download the Workbook and how to complete it.  If you have engaged RSA Professional Services or an RSA Partner to deploy RSA SecurID Access, they will work with you to complete the Workbook.  Otherwise, contact RSA Support if you have any questions.
The Workbook is a spreadsheet with several tabs.  The first tab entitled Start Here contains a flowchart that you can use to determine which of the Solution Diagram Worksheet tabs should be completed for your deployment.
Solution Diagram Worksheet - "Start Here" flowchart tab

Clicking on one of the blue oval diagram labels in the flowchart will take you to the corresponding spreadsheet tab as shown below:
Solution Diagram Worksheet tabs
Flowchart Diagram Blue LabelSolution Diagram Worksheet Tab
RADIUS or Service ProviderService Provider or RADIUS
Single Identity Router DiagramSSO Agent 1 IDR
Single Identity Router with Standby DiagramSSO Agent 1 IDR with Standby
High Availability DiagramSSO Agent HA
High Availability with Single Standby DiagramSSO Agent HA Single Standby
High Availability with High Availability Standby DiagramSSO Agent HA with HA Standby
Geographically Distributed High Availability DiagramSSO Agent GDHA
RSA Authentication Manager only.  Cloud Authentication Service is not used.  [Not shown in Flowchart Diagram].RSA Authentication Manager

When you have selected the correct Solution Diagram Worksheet tab for your deployment, complete only the yellow cells on the tab.  Each yellow cell will turn white when you have entered a value into it.  Do not change any other cell of the worksheet.  The output cells listed under Summary at the bottom of the page will be generated automatically with the correct configuration settings.  This information should be given to your network administrators to configure DNS, firewalls and other infrastructure components.
Solution Diagram Worksheet - uncompleted "1 IDR" tab

Note that you should complete exactly one tab in one Workbook per deployment.  Most RSA customers will have two RSA SecurID Access deployments - a Dev (development/test) deployment and a Prod (production) deployment.  One tab in a separate copy of the Workbook should be completed for each of your deployments.
ResolutionAfter your deployment has been successfully configured and tested, the Workbook for it should be saved.
On an on-going basis, the Workbook for each of your deployments should be maintained in a secure place as documentation of the deployment, and modified whenever your network and your RSA SecurID Access deployment changes.
  • The Workbook will be useful within your organization to identify when any proposed network or other infrastructure changes may impact your RSA SecurID Access deployment.
  • RSA Support may request a copy of your deployment's Workbook for help while troubleshooting for a support case.
  • Should you engage RSA Professional Services or an RSA Partner in future to modify or enhance your RSA SecurID Access deployment, the Workbook will be very useful as documentation of your current system.
  • The Workbook is available to RSA SecurID Access customers.  The current version can be downloaded from the RSA SecurID Access Solution Architecture Workbook page on RSA Link (login required).
  • The Solution Architecture Workbook available on RSA Link is updated from time to time, to incorporate the features of new RSA SecurID Access releases.  If you are planning enhancements to your deployment, especially if utilizing more recent features of the product, we recommend downloading and completing the latest version of the Workbook.
  • The screenshots and spreadsheet tab information provided in this article above are intended as a general guide only.  The currently available Workbook spreadsheet may differ.