Access SSH for Identity Router Troubleshooting

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You can use Secure Shell (SSH) to access the command line and troubleshoot problems related to your identity router. You access SSH using the idradmin account.


RSA supports these SSH clients:


  • Bitvise 7.34 and later
  • MobaXterm 8.0 and later
  • Cygwin 2.7.9 and later


Note:  You cannot execute su root or su ssouser.


Before you begin 


  • You must be a Super Admin for the Cloud Administration Console.
  • You must have sign-in credentials for the Identity Router Setup Console.




  1. Make sure the password has been changed for the Identity Router Setup Console as described in Change the Identity Router Administrator Password Using the Identity Router Setup Console. SSH uses the same password.
  2. Sign in to the Cloud Administration Console.
  3. Click Identity Routers and then Edit for the identity router. On the Settings tab, verify that identity router port 22 is open.
  4. Sign in to the same network where the identity router is running.
  5. To access the identity router using a supported SSH client, enter:

    ssh idradmin@<idr_managementipaddress>






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