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RSA SecurID Access offers three license options: Base Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Premium Edition. RSA Authentication Manager is provided with all licenses.


Authentication Components


The following table shows the authentication software available with each license level.


 Base EditionEnterprise EditionPremium Edition

Authentication Manager Server:

1 Primary Instance, 1 Replica Instance, 1 Disaster Recovery Instance


Authentication Manager Server:

1 Primary Instance and up to 15 Replica Instances

Authentication Manager server with Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) x 

Cloud Authentication Service



RSA SecurID Access supports RSA Authentication Manager 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 8.2.1. User limits are based on your requirements at the time of purchase. If you need more users, you must obtain an additional license from RSA.


Authentication Agents


The following table shows the authentication agents supported by each edition of RSA SecurID Access.


 Base EditionEnterprise EditionPremium Edition
Standard agents (IIS/Apache, Windows, PAM)xxx
400+ RSA Ready SecurID agents (VPN, perimeter & on-premises)xxx
RADIUS agents with token supportx  
RSA SecurID Authentication API - deployed on-premisesxxx
RADIUS agents with push and biometrics support xx
Cloud SAML authentication xx
Authentication API - cloud deployed xx
SSO Agent for SaaS and web (SAML, proxy, and password vault) x



Authentication Methods


The following table shows the authentication methods supported by each edition of RSA SecurID Access. Individual authenticators are sold separately from the RSA SecurID Access license.


 Base EditionEnterprise EditionPremium Edition
SecurID hardware and software tokens, on-demand authentication (ODA/SMS)xxx

Authenticate App: Tokencode, Approve, Fingerprint or Face ID, Eyeprint ID


FIDO Token

Integrated SMS Tokencode and Voice Tokencode xx


Access Policy Attributes


Your RSA SecurID Access product license allows you to use specific attributes in access policy conditional expressions. These expressions are used to determine authentication requirements and who is allowed or denied access to applications or relying parties. The following table shows which attributes are available with each license.


Access Policy AttributesBase EditionEnterprise EditionPremium Edition
Identity source attributes xx
Basic Policy Engine attribute: IP address xx

Advanced Policy Engine attributes:

  • Authentication Type
  • Authentication Source
  • Country
  • Known Browser
  • Trusted Location
  • Trusted Network
  • User Agent


Risk-based Identity Confidence  x


Identity source attributes are used to select the target user population for an access policy. Policy Engine attributes are used in access policy conditions.








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