000034727 - EMC Advisory Regarding Specific Solid State Drives 12 January 2017

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Article Number000034727
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Security Analytics
RSA Product/Service Type: SA Core Appliance
RSA Version/Condition: 10.4.x, 10.5.x, 10.6.x
Platform: CentOS
O/S Version: 6
IssueCertain models of Solid State Drives might contain firmware that urgently requires an update.
If the customer is using RSA provided DACs, the advisory would not apply.
If the customer is using RSA Security Analytics appliances connected to VNX SANs, the advisory would apply. 
Customer Advisory regarding specific solid-state drives used in VNXe3200 and VNXe1600 systems
(EMC Internal Reference ID – EMC FCO F120616EE)
January 12th, 2017
This Customer Advisory is to inform you of an issue involving VNXe3200 and VNXe1600 systems containing the solid state drives (SSDs) identified below. There is a significant risk of data unavailability when the affected SSDs exceed 700 to 1,000 days of continuous runtime. Since your VNXe3200 and VNXe1600 systems may be approaching this limit of continuous runtime, it is critically important to upgrade the drive firmware on your VNXe3200 and VNXe1600 systems to version 0337 as soon as possible as this version clears the buffer before it overflows. To that end, EMC has decided to take immediate, proactive action and upgrade the drive firmware on the affected SSDs in your VNXe3200 and VNXe1600 systems. EMC will perform this firmware upgrade at no charge to you. An EMC representative will be contacting you to schedule a convenient time to allow for this upgrade. EMC requests your cooperation to allow for this upgrade as soon as possible.
The affected part numbers are:
 2.5” carrier 3.5” carrier
100 GB:005050598005050424
200 GB:005050599005050425

No remedial action is required.
Customer should contact EMC for additional steps to apply firmware updates through Unisphere or schedule EMC to perform the updates.  RSA can assist with this scheduling if necessary.  
ResolutionThis advisory does not specifically identify the drive model and manufacturer for some reason but the only drives affected by this advisory are Micron 100GB and Micron 200GB Solid State Drives with firmware version "0337."
RSA is not currently shipping Micron drives in RSA Security Analytics appliances so the advisory does not apply to RSA shipped DACs.
However, if the RSA customer has Security Analytics appliances connected to an EMC SAN of the types identified in the advisory, they may have Micron SSD drives of these models and firmware releases.  In this case, they would need to apply firmware updates.  
If the customer has concerns about any appliances they can confirm the drives installed in their systems using the nwraidutil.pl script.  Customers may also run “/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 pdlist aall | grep Device | less” which will provide identify the drive types and firmware level of any drives installed in a system if a customer still has concerns.  
These commands will NOT provide meaningful information for SAN storage as the SAN does not present information about the physical drives.
The nwraidutil.pl script identifies the manufacturer and model of the installed drives. 
Adapter 1 (PERC H810 Adapter) enclosures found: 1
Adapter 1 (PERC H810 Adapter) enclosure 15 slots found: 15
Encl  Slot  State     P.Fail.Count  Raw Size       Inquiry Data
15    0     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVUXWUA
15    1     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVUN6PA
15    2     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVT4MKA
15    3     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVUP49A
15    4     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVUXJVA
15    5     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVUNJUA
15    6     (OS)      0             186.310 GB     HITACHI HUSRL402 CLAR200C190XTVUY3ZA
15    7     (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGEYPUK
15    8     (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGD5WKK
15    9     (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGEYPWK
15    10    (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGEYR3K
15    11    (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGEYPJK
15    12    (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGG0TBK
15    13    (O)       0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGG2W4K
15    14    (GEI)     0             2.728 TB       HITACHI HUS72303CLAR3000C1D6YXGESJ6K            Hotspare Information

The /opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli64 pdlist aall | grep Device | less" command returns output like: 
Enclosure Device ID: 15
Device Id: 1
Device Firmware Level: C190
Device Speed: 6.0Gb/s
Media Type: Solid State Device

Note that the Device Firmware Level does not match the level identified in the advisory.  You can run the command with other options to get additional information if desired.