000035165 - In Case Management - A Case update locks out in RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce/3DSecure 18.9

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on May 31, 2017
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Article Number000035165
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce/3DSecure
RSA Product/Service Type: Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce/3DSecure
RSA Version/Condition: 18.9
Issue From time to time we may have an account where by previous associate has updated the account, but the further information to update the activity details are not allowed. This screen shots shows that the “update “ button is greyed out. Customer called us at 18.01 when we tried to confirm the activity as genuine £877.00 29/03/17 ,In this instance we had to de-activate the account to allow the customer to continue with the transaction. Why is the customer seeing this?  
This is a section of the BackOffice users guide that shows information on updating a Case

The Case Management application is updated automatically with every cardholder transaction. You can configure the amount of time that must pass after a transaction before the case data is displayed. By default, the case data can be displayed from 30 minutes after the transaction.


To update a case:

1. Log in to the Case Management application.

2. On the Case List page, click Update next to the case. The case is displayed and the Update Cases area is enabled.

Note: When you click Update for a case, the case is locked to other users.

The case Update button is disabled for a different user who views the case list while the case is locked.

3. Update the required fields and click Update to save your changes.

4. Click Review.

5. Click Confirm to confirm your update.


  • If you accidently close the Case List page, only you can access the case again.
  • If you do not access the case again within two hours, the case is automatically redefined as not processed, so that other users can access the case.
  • If a new user starts to process the case, you cannot complete the original process.
NotesPlease refer to BackOffice Users Guide for further information. page 34, 35 and 45, of version 18.9 document.