000035233 - Common questions regarding RSA SecurID tokens and access to RSA technical support

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Article Number000035233
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager, Hardware Token

Who should call RSA Technical Support?

The RSA support line is for RSA administrators within your company.  RSA administrators are trained on the RSA Authentication Manager server that provisions tokens and manages all of the authentication requests.  As an end user, they are your go to people when you have token or authentication issues.  If your RSA admin cannot resolve your issue, they can contact RSA support for help.  In order to verify your support contract, we will ask you to provide a maintenance contract or serial number.  If you do not have this information, please contact the help desk within your company for a resolution to your issue.

Click the link for information on how to how to find the serial number or license key for your RSA product.

If you are not an RSA administrator, please review the statements below that address some common questions and contact your internal help desk for assistance with your issue.

Common reasons RSA SecurID token end users contact RSA Technical Support


  • I can't log in to my banking software.

The RSA technical support staff does not have access to your bank's token server.  If you are unable to login to your banking app, please contact your bank for further assistance.


  • I can't log in to my PC or access servers or files on my network.

The RSA technical support staff does not have access to your company's token server.  If you are unable to login to your PC, network or other app, please contact your company's help desk for further assistance.


  • My token is expired/broken or I lost it.

If your token is expired/broken or if you lost it, please contact your internal help desk for a replacement.  They can assign you a new token and provide it to you.  Users with software tokens can receive their new token via email or QR code.  If you have a hardware token you will have to wait until the new token is handed to you or it is mailed to you.  Companies that use the RSA Self-Service Console can have users login and request a new token through a portal.  Ask your help desk admin for the URL.


  • If I lost my token, can someone log in to my PC or network?

Unless the person who finds your token has access to your laptop or PC and also has your user name and PIN, they will not be able to access your confidential network or files.  As soon as you know your token is lost, contact your internal help desk so they can disable the token.  Then there is nothing to worry about.


  • Without my token I can't authenticate.  Help!

If you cannot authenticate because your token is expired/broken or missing, ask your help desk admin to provide you with a temporary emergency access token until you receive your new token.


  • I found an RSA SecurID token.


      If you found a token somewhere that is not attached to a set of keys.


The token does not contain personal/confidential information.


RSA cannot provide any information about the owner of the token. RSA SecurID tokens are used for computer and network security. Our clients depend on us to keep token data secure, and releasing any information about the client company would violate that trust. Similarly, RSA cannot contact the token’s owner directly to report the lost token because our clients keep their own user information confidential.

A token found without being attached to a set of keys can be discarded. We do not have a direct way to find out who the token belongs to, and there’s only a chance we can find out the specific company using them. This is because many RSA customers purchase tokens through resellers, so there would be some obstacles to find the correct person to contact. Also, it is likely that the token user has already contacted his company to get a replacement.

For any questions on proper disposal of an RSA SecurID hardware token, see RSA's Token Disposal Statement, which can be found by searching "rsa token disposal" in any browser.


  • If you found a token on the street that is attached to a set of keys.

Please bring the token and keys to a nearby police station’s Lost and Found. The police station may call us and reach our Legal Department, if necessary.


  • If you found a token in a retail store, business or complex that is attached to a set of keys.

These item(s) should be brought to a establishment’s Lost and Found. If the token is by itself and not claimed within two weeks, they may discard it. We say two weeks because if someone hasn’t claimed it within two weeks, they likely have contacted their employer to request a replacement token.


  • I can't install my RSA SecurID software token.

Please contact your company's internal help desk with your issue and provide them with steps you have taken to install the token on your device.


  • Please reset my RSA SecurID token PIN.

The RSA support team does not have access to the Authentication Manager instance for your company.  You will need to contact your internal help desk for assistance with a PIN reset 


  • Can you just fix it for me?

In this world of cloud computing, it is natural to think that RSA has access to its software hosted in your environment.  For many reasons, including security issues, that is not the case.  Your company servers do not contact the mothership and unless a support engineer sets up a remote session with your internal help desk staff we cannot see your systems.   Please contact your company's help desk for assistance with your authentication and token issues.
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