RADIUS Server Authentication Statistics

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Authentication statistics summarize the number of authentication acceptances and rejections, with summary totals for each type of rejection or retry.

The following table describes the authentication statistics fields and the possible causes for some authentication rejections.


Authentication Statistic





The current, average, and peak number of RADIUS transactions that resulted in an accept response.


The current, average, and peak number of RADIUS transactions that resulted in a reject response. These are detailed in the Reject Details section.



Total Transactions

The sum of the accept, reject, and silent discard totals.

Silent Discards

The number of requests in which the client could not be identified. This might occur if a RADIUS client entry cannot be found for a device with the name, IP address, or both of a device requesting authentication services.


The number of challenges received from RADIUS clients.

Reject Details


Dropped Packet

The number of RADIUS authentication packets dropped by RADIUS because the server was flooded with more packets than it could handle.

Invalid Request

The number of invalid RADIUS requests made.

Possible Cause: A device is sending incorrectly formed packets to RADIUS. Either there is a configuration error or the device does not conform to the RADIUS standard.

Failed Authentication

The number of failed authentication requests, where the failure is due to invalid user name or password.

Possible Cause: If all transactions are failing authentication, the problem might be that the shared secret entered into RADIUS does not match the shared secret entered on the client device.

Failed on Checklist

The number of requests that were authenticated but failed to meet the checklist requirements.

Insufficient Resources

The number of rejects due to a server resource problem.

Rejects Sent


Transactions Retried

The number of requests for which one or more duplicates was received.

Total Retry Packets

The number of duplicate packets received.




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