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Message: While registering an agent “{3}” ; found another agent “{8}” with the same alias IP address “{4}”. Could not un-assign IP from “{8}”

Description: While registering an agent found another agent with the same alias IP address.

Problem: During agent registration, another agent was found to have the same alias IP address.

Resolve 23038 - AUTOREG_DHCP_ERROR

This message is related to auto-registration and DHCP.


  1. Enable auto-registration. For more information, see Automatic Agent Registration.

  2. Download the server certificate. For instructions, see Download an RSA Authentication Manager Server Certificate.

  3. When setting Agent Auto-Registration settings, change the default Agent IP Update option to not automatically update the IP addresses of authentication agents. For more information, see Configure Agent Settings.

  4. Check your firewall rules and ensure that the following ports are open to enable communication between the agent and Authentication Manager instance.





    Used for communication between Authentication Manager and authentication agents.


    Authentication agents connect to this port to perform offline data downloads.


    Used by the authentication agent auto-registration utility. This port must be open.


    Used by authentication agents to verify whether the user is a member of a challenge group in Microsoft Active Directory.

  5. Clear the node secret files on the agent. For instructions, see the authentication agent documentation.

  6. Re-install the authentication agent. Choose custom installation, and select auto-registration during the install process. See your agent documentation for instructions.





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