License Requirements

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RSA Authentication Manager has one or more associated licenses. The license represents permission to use a specific version of the Authentication Manager software. RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) supports the use of an existing version 8.0 or later license, a new version 8.2 SP1 license, or any combination of these licenses.

You can purchase and install one of the following license types:

  • Base Server. A permanent license allowing 1 primary instance and 1 replica instance of Authentication Manager. A third instance is allowed for disaster recovery situations.
  • Enterprise Server. A permanent license allowing 1 primary instance and up to 15 replica instances of Authentication Manager.

The RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition license includes an optional RSA Authentication Manager Enterprise Server license. RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 or later allows users to authenticate with RSA SecurID tokens and RSA SecurID Authenticate Tokencodes on the same authentication agents. For more information, see “RSA SecurID Access License Options” at

Each license type limits the number of instances of Authentication Manager that can be installed. User limits are based on your usage requirements, and the number of users with assigned authentications is specified by the customer at the time of purchase. If you need more users enabled for a specific feature, you must obtain an additional license from RSA.

For example, a customer with 10,000 employees may purchase a license for 11,000 users in order to accommodate current employees and to allow for future hiring. If more than 1,000 additional users are needed, an additional license could be added to the original license.

The Base Server license and the Enterprise Server license both include these features:

  • (Optional) Risk-based authentication (RBA) and on-demand authentication (ODA)
  • (Optional) Business continuity

    • The business continuity option allows you to temporarily enable more users to use RSA SecurID authentication than your license normally allows. RSA recommends that you enable the users created with the business continuity option to receive on-demand tokencodes so that you do not have to assign and deliver tokens to them. However, if you want, you can assign them RSA SecurID tokens.

    • RADIUS
    • Offline authentication

    • Tokens

    • Self-Service

    • Authenticator workflow provisioning

It is important to know:

  • You can install multiple licenses.
  • The Account ID must be the same for all licenses.
  • The License ID, sometimes referred to as the Stack ID, must be unique for each license. You cannot install the same license twice.
  • Only users with assigned authenticators count against the license limit. Users with multiple authenticators only count once.
  • The Security Console displays warning messages as you approach your user limit. A message is displayed when you exceed 85, 95, and 100 percent of the user limit.
  • The system updates the user counts every hour and each time that a user views the license status in the Security Console.

RSA provides the license files separately from your RSA Authentication Manager download kit. Make sure that you know the location of the license file before running the primary appliance Quick Setup. The license file must be accessible to the browser that is used to run the primary appliance Quick Setup. Do not unzip the license file.