Configure E-mail for On-Demand Tokencode Delivery

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You can configure a deployment to send on-demand tokencodes to a user’s e-mail address. First you must configure the e-mail server connection for each instance.

Before you begin 

  • Confirm that you have the following information:

    • Hostname. The hostname of the server you will use to send e-mail notifications.

    • SMTP port. The port you will use for e-mail transmissions.

    • E-mail address. The address from which the e-mail notifications will be sent.

    • Logon. Whether your e-mail server requires a User ID and password.

  • Configure a destination e-mail address for each user.

  • Use an e-mail address other than the one for which on-demand authentication enables access. For example, make the user’s personal e-mail address the destination when the user needs the tokencode to access his or her e-mail account at work.

  • Configure the SMTP Mail Service. You must do this for each instance in your deployment.

  • Ensure that RSA Authentication Manager can access the database attribute where you store users’ e-mail addresses.For more information, see Identity Attribute Definitions for On-Demand Tokencode Delivery by E-Mail.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > System Settings.

  2. Click On-Demand Tokencode Delivery.

  3. Click the E-mail Configuration tab.

  4. Select Enable the delivery of On-demand Tokencodes through e-mail.

  5. From the User Attribute to Provide E-mail Destination drop-down menu, select the attribute that provides the e-mail addresses used to deliver on-demand tokencodes to users.

  6. Click Save.

  7. (Optional) On the Tokencode Settings tab, do the following:

    1. In the On-Demand Tokencode Message field, enter the text that you want to display in the text message that contains the on-demand tokencode.

    2. You must leave the $OTT variable in the message. The on-demand tokencode is inserted in place of this variable.

  8. In the On-Demand Tokencode Lifetime field, enter the length of time that on-demand tokencodes are valid after they are delivered to the user.

  9. Click Save.




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