Configure the Authentication Agent for Risk-Based Authentication

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To protect a web-based application with risk-based authentication (RBA), you must configure the authentication agent for RBA and generate an integration script to deploy to the web-based application’s default logon page. The integration script redirects the user from the web-based application's default logon page to a customized logon page that allows Authentication Manager to authenticate the user with RBA.


  1. On the primary instance Security Console, click Access > Authentication Agents > Manage Existing.

  2. Click the appropriate agent, and click Edit.

  3. In the Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) section, select Enable this agent for risk-based authentication.

  4. To enable RBA as the only authentication method for this agent, select Allow access only to users who are enabled for risk-based authentication. If a user is not enabled for RBA, the agent will deny access to the resource.

  5. From the Authentication Method drop-down list, select Password or SecurID. This field determines the authentication method that the agent requires when using RBA.

  6. Click Save Agent & Go to Download Page.

  7. From the Agent Type drop-down list, select the appropriate agent, and click Download File.

    The system generates the JavaScript integration file based on the .xml integration script template that is stored in Authentication Manager.

  8. When prompted, save the JavaScript file locally.

After you finish 

  • Verify that components such as the web tier and load balancer are installed and configured correctly. For more information, see the RSA Authentication Manager  Setup and Configuration Guide.

  • Use the RSA Implementation Guide for Authentication Manager for the agent that you downloaded. Configure the agent to pass authentication requests to and from Authentication Manager by uploading the generated script to the agent.

  • Test the RBA integration.

    For instructions, see Testing Your Risk-Based Authentication Integration.

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