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Message: Next tokencode mode activated for token serial number “{16}” assigned to user “{0}” in security domains “{1}” from “{2}” identity source.

Description: Next tokencode mode activated for token

Problem: A user has failed to authenticate with a specific token more times than the token policy allows. In next tokencode mode, the user has one chance to enter the tokencode correctly before authentication fails.


This message occurs when a token has failed to authenticate a specific number of times. You can configure the number of authentication failures allowed before next tokencode mode is activated in the Security Console. For more information, see RSA Authentication Manager Policies.

If this error occurs multiple times, check the accuracy of the Authentication Manager system clock. Clock drift may have occurred between the Authentication Manager Server and the token clock. For more information, see Update System Date and Time Settings.

Incorrectly or unnecessarily changing the system time may cause a total authentication outage. If you are not confident of the cause of the problem, contact RSA Customer Support. Do not attempt to correct clock drift if it is more than plus or minus one minute.






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