Automatic Agent Registration

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The Automated Agent Registration and Update utility (sdadmreg.exe), included with the RSA Authentication Agent software, enables new authentication agents to automatically add an agent record to the Authentication Manager internal database. This process is called registering the agent. Allowing authentication agents to self-register saves time and money by eliminating the need for an administrator to perform these tasks.

By default, when the agent host starts, the Automated Agent Registration and Update utility automatically runs to allow any IP address changes to be registered in the internal database. You can also run this utility whenever IP address of the agent host changes. This is useful for systems that use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to assign IP addresses. If you use DHCP and do not enable this utility, you must manually update the IP addresses each time the agent host changes its IP address.

You can also run the Automated Agent Registration and Update utility manually whenever the IP address of an agent host changes, to update the IP address in the internal database.

Note:  The RSA Authentication Agent 7.2 for Microsoft Windows automatically updates the internal database with any IP address changes. If you are using this agent, you do not need to manually run the utility.

It is important that you protect your critical IT infrastructure from potential Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. To reduce the vulnerability of your system:

  • Disable agent auto-registration on critical machines, such as e-mail and VPN servers.
  • In your IT infrastructure, give critical agents static IP addresses.
  • Protect IP addresses within Authentication Manager. To do this, select Protect IP Address on the Authentication Agent page in the Security Console.