Disable Periodic RADIUS Replication

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When you make major changes to RADIUS data, you may want to temporarily disable periodic replication, for example, when adding large numbers of clients or profiles. Disabling periodic replication until all changes are complete can help avoid network traffic that is created by multiple partial replications. Remember to re-enable periodic replication after modifying the RADIUS data.

When you turn off periodic RADIUS replication, the RADIUS primary server no longer checks for changes to RADIUS data, sends updated data to the RADIUS replica servers (unless you initiate replication manually), or logs replication failures for Critical System Event Notification.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > System Settings.

  2. Under Advanced Settings, click RADIUS.

  3. Under RADIUS Replication Configuration, clear the Enable periodic RADIUS Replication every 15 minutes checkbox.

  4. Click OK.

After you finish 

To ensure that RADIUS servers remain synchronized, you must re-enable periodic RADIUS replication, or use the Security Console to initiate RADIUS replication.

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