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Message: Bad tokencode ; but good PIN detected for token serial number “{16}” assigned to user “{0}” in security domain “{1}” from “{2}” identity source

Description: Authentication attempted.

Problem: The user could not successfully authenticate. It is possible that the user has forgotten the PIN, or is using the wrong token.



  1. Verify that the user is using the correct token as assigned. Ask the user for the serial number on the back of the token, and verify it against the token serial number that you see in the Security Console. If the token serial numbers do not match, ask the user to use the assigned token only.

  2. Resynchronize the token assigned to the user. See Resynchronize a Token.

  3. Open the Activity Monitor. Ask the user to authenticate using the PIN after resynchronization, and monitor the log entry in real time. See View Messages in the Activity Monitor .






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