RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens

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RSA SecurID hardware authenticators are available in a variety of convenient form factors.

  • RSA SecurID 800 Hybrid Authenticator

    The RSA SecurID Authenticator SecurID 800 is both an RSA SecurID authenticator and a USB smart card (USB token) with a built-in reader. The two sets of electronics operate independently of each other.

    When disconnected, the SecurID 800 generates and displays tokencodes used in RSA SecurID authentication. When connected to a computer, the token serves two functions:

    • For RSA SecurID authentication, users obtain their tokencodes through the supporting middleware installed on their desktop instead of reading the number off the token.

    • With the token’s smart card capabilities, users can store credentials, including multiple X.509 digital certificates, which enable authentication, digital signature, and file-encryption applications, and Windows logon accounts.

  • RSA SecurID 700 Authenticator

    This hardware device easily connects to any key ring. The user simply reads the changing display (typically every 60 seconds) and uses it as part of a dynamic and always-changing password.

  • RSA SecurID 520 Authenticator

    With this device, the user enters the PIN on a numeric keypad to display the passcode. RSA no longer sells this token.

  • RSA SecurID 200 Authenticator

    This hardware token generates and displays a new tokencode at a predefined time interval, typically every 60 seconds. RSA no longer sells this token.





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