Promote a Replica Instance Using Promotion for Maintenance

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For maintenance purposes, you can promote a replica instance to a primary instance while the original primary instance is online and functioning.

Before you begin 

  • Ensure that the replica instance being promoted can reach the primary and all other replica instances.  The primary and all other replica instances must be able to reach the replica instance being promoted. Ports 7072, 7002, 7022, 1812, and 1813 must be reachable from the replica.  For more information, see “Securing Connections Between the Primary and Replica Instances” in Port Usage in the RSA Authentication Manager Setup and Configuration Guide.

  • Communicate to all other Operations Console administrators that you are going to promote the replica.

  • In the Operations Console on the original primary instance, click Maintenance > Backup and Restore > Progress Monitor to ensure that backup or restore jobs are not running on the original primary instance.  If a backup or restore job is running, wait for it to complete before promoting the replica instance. 

  • Disable any scheduled backup jobs on the original primary instance. To disable a scheduled backup job, go to Maintenance > Backup and Restore > Schedule Backups.

  • If there are any completed reports, download report results using the Security Console of the original primary instance. The report results will not be available on the new primary instance after promotion.  For more information, see View A Completed Report.

  • If there are any completed Users/Tokens export jobs, download the export data files using the Security Console of the original primary instance. The export data files will not be available on the new primary instance after promotion.  For more information, see Exporting and Importing Users and Tokens Between Deployments.

  • Using the Security Console on the primary instance, disable any scheduled jobs such as reports, log archival, unresolvable users cleanup that may be scheduled to run during the period of planned promotion. If there are any scheduled jobs currently running, wait until they complete before beginning a promotion for maintenance. Any jobs that are in progress during the promotion are automatically cancelled. For more information, see Reports, Archive Logs Using Schedule Log Archival and Schedule a Cleanup Job.


  1. In the Operations Console, go to Deployment Configuration > Replica Promotion > For Maintenance > Promote to Primary.

  2. Select the radio button for the log transfer option you want to use.

    • If you choose the manual log transfer option, you must enter and confirm a log backup password. After promotion, you must manually transfer and add logs to the new primary instance using the same password.

    • If you choose the automatic log transfer option, logs are copied and transferred during promotion. Consider archiving log data to conserve time during promotion. To archive now, in the Security Console, click Administration > Archive Audit Logs > Archive Now.

  3. Verify the instance details and click Run Pre-Promotion Check.

  4. After the pre-promotion checks are complete, review the status. Depending on the status, do one of the following:

    • If the pre-promotion check completed successfully and you choose to promote this instance, select the Yes, Promote this instance checkbox and click Start Promotion.

      The Progress Monitor displays. You can only view the progress of the promotion operation on the replica instance that you are promoting.

    • If one or more of the pre-promotion checks fail, do the following in this order:

      • Review the Advanced Status View to determine the errors that occurred.

      • After reviewing the Advanced Status View, click Close to exit the window.

      • On the Pre-Promotion Checks page, click the Cancel button.

      • Fix any issues that caused the failure and return to this procedure to retry the promotion.

  5. After promotion completes, do one of the following:

    • If promotion completes successfully, click Next to view the mandatory next steps.

    • If promotion completes with warnings, review the warnings and click Next to view the mandatory next steps.

    • If promotion fails, complete the steps mentioned in the error message.

  6. Review the Summary page and complete the Required Next Steps.

  7. To save a copy of the required next steps, click Download Next Steps.

After you finish 

View the Next Steps for Promotion for Maintenance

View the Progress Monitor for Promotion for Maintenance





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