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You can view a list of all RADIUS clients in RSA Authentication Manager. You can also view the properties of each RADIUS client. For example, you might view the list of all clients to quickly determine the number of clients in Authentication Manager.


  1. In the Security Console, click RADIUS > RADIUS Clients > Manage Existing.

    The list of all RADIUS clients displays the following:

    • Client Name. You specify the client name when you add the RADIUS client. To rename a client, you must delete it and then add a new client with the new name.

    • IP Address. The IPv4 address for the RADIUS client.

      • If this is an IPv4 RADIUS client, you specify the IPv4 address when you add the RADIUS client.

      • If this is an IPv6 RADIUS client, Authentication Manager automatically creates an IPv4 address for the RADIUS client. This IPv4 address begins with the number “255,” and it is not used for communication with agents. Authentication Manager uses this number to identify the RADIUS client.

    • IPv6 Address. The IPv6 address for an IPv6 RADIUS client. The field is blank for an IPv4 RADIUS client.

    • Make/Model. Type of client and the checklist and return list attributes available on the client. You specify the make and model when you add the client.

    • RSA Agent. Whether you have associated this client with an agent. If you have not associated this client with an agent, the client cannot support RSA SecurID authentication. To associate this client with an agent, see Add a RADIUS Client Agent.

    • Last Modified On. The date and time the client was last updated.

    • Last Modified By. User who last updated the client.

    • Notes. Any information about the client that you specify when you add the client.

  2. Click the client that you want to view.

  3. From the context menu, click View.

    Additional details are displayed for the RADIUS client, including the following:

    • EitherIPv4 Address or IPv6 Address. IP address the RADIUS server uses to communicate with the RADIUS client. You specify the IP address when you add the client.

    • Accounting. Specifies whether a different shared secret is used for accounting transactions between the RADIUS clients and the RADIUS servers.

    • Client Status. Indicates whether the RADIUS server should wait for a specified number of seconds before the server stops the client connection.

    • Inactivity Time. If the server does not receive any RADIUS packets from the client after the specified number of seconds, it closes any user or tunnel connections it has authenticated for the client.

  4. To return to the list of all RADIUS clients, click Back to List.






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