000035296 - How can I re-register as a customer or partner on RSA Link?

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Article Number000035296
Applies ToThis article applies to RSA customers and partners who did not validate their status the first time they registered for RSA Link.
IssueWhen registering for an RSA Link account, users are strongly encouraged to select the I am an RSA Customer or Partner option and provide a valid Site ID, Serial Number, License Key, or Contract Number in order to obtain full access to the website.

However, if a user doesn't currently have access to one of the validation methods above then they have the option to register without selecting the I am an RSA Customer or Partner, which would still allow them to participate on the product communities and view the public documentations and advisories, but would prevent them from accessing product downloads, security advisories, and the Case Management portal.

At a later date when one of the validation methods is obtained, the user may seek to update their account in order to have access to the restricted content and locations on the RSA Link website.
ResolutionRSA Link users who did not initially register as a customer or partner can easily update their accounts by returning to the RSA Registration Portal at https://community.rsa.com/register and re-registering with their same email address, except that this time they will be able to select the I am an RSA Customer or Partner option and provide a valid Site ID, Serial Number, License Key, or Contract Number.

Re-registering will not require the users change their password, security questions, or On-Demand Authentication (ODA) PIN.

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After clicking on the blue Continue button on the registration form, the confirmation page shown below will be displayed which indicates that the account has been updated.

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NotesIf you are already logged in to RSA Link when re-registering, it may be necessary to log out and then log back in for the change to take effect.
  • To log out of RSA Link, click on your avatar image in the top-right corner of the page and then click on the blue Log Out button.
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  • Click on the Log In hyperlink in the main menu to log back in.  If your SSO session is still active then you will log in automatically but if it has expired then you will need to enter your login credentials again when prompted.
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