Add Archiver as a Data Source to Broker

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This topic provides instructions on how to add Archiver as a data source to Broker to aggregate data collected by Archiver.


Ensure that you have:

  1. Installed the Security Analytics Archiver host in your network environment.
  2. Installed and configured Broker in your network environment.
  3. Verified that Broker and Archiver services are active.

Note: If the Broker has a Concentrator configured on it, you cannot add an Archiver to the Broker.


To associate an Archiver data source with Broker:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.
  2. In the Services panel, select a Broker service.
  3. In the Actions column, select View > Config.
    The Config view is displayed with the General tab open.
  4. Select the Sources tab.
  5. Click add_icon.png and select Available Services.

    The Available Services dialog is displayed.

  6. Select the Archiver that you want to add as data source to the Broker and click OK.
  7. In the Service Information dialog, type the username and password for the Archiver.
  8. Click OK.

    The selected Archiver is listed in the Aggregate Services category. Click Apply.

You can now aggregate data collected by Archiver.

Next Step

Add Archiver as a Data Source to Reporting Engine. 

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