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The Reports RE Alert Variance dashlet is a configurable dashlet that depicts top alerts in four different time series chart types. You can configure the results to include in the chart (from the top 2 alerts to the top 15 alerts in the specified time range).

To display this dashlet in the Security Analytics dashboard or as part of a custom dashboard, select ic-addList.PNG > Add Dashlet in the dashboard toolbar and select Reports RE Alert Variance from the Type drop-down menu.


The following figure is an example:



This dashlet is a visual representation of the alerts most frequently triggered by the associated Reporting Engine. Each chart type can be defined by the number of alerts and past hours from when the alerts need to be fetched, and the dashlet refresh interval for the chart to be refreshed.

TitleProvide a name for the Reporter Realtime Chart dashlet. The name appears in the title bar of the dashlet.
No of AlertsSelect the number of alerts to be considered while configuring the dashlet. The value ranges from 2 - 15.
Chart TypeSelect the type of chart that you want in the dashlet:
  • Bar (X-axis = Count and Y-axis = Alert name)
  • Column (X-axis = Count and Y-axis = Alert name)
  • Line (X-axis = Count and Y-axis = Alert name)
Past HoursSelect the time from when the alerts need to be fetched.
Dashlet Refresh Interval (Minutes)Set the time interval in minutes at which the data in the dashlet gets refreshed. The interval value ranges from 1-180 minutes.
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