Deployment: Basic Deployment Process

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Before you can deploy Security Analytics you need to:

  • Consider the requirements of your enterprise and understand the deployment process.
  • Have a high-level picture of the complexity and scope of a Security Analytics deployment.


The components and topology of a Security Analytics network can vary greatly between installations, and should be carefully planned before the process begins. As part of your initial planning you need to:

When ready to begin deployment, the general sequence is:

  1. Install appliances and connect to the network as described in the Hardware Setup Guides.
  2. Set up licensing for Security Analytics as described in the Security Analytics Licensing Guide.
  3. Configure individual appliances and services as described in RSA Security Analytics Host and Services Configuration Guide. These guides also describe the procedures for applying updates and preparing for version upgrades.

Note: When updating appliance hosts and services, follow recommended guidelines under the "Update Hosts in Correct Sequence" topic in the RSA Security Analytics Host and Services Configuration Guide.

Security Analytics Deployment Diagram

The following diagram illustrates a basic, multi-site Security Analytics Deployment.

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