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This topic introduces the Geo IP parser for Decoders.

One of the files available for editing in the Services Config view > Files tab is GeoPrivate.ipl, the Geo IP parser.


The Geo IP parser is a fixed parser that takes IP addresses and converts them to geographical locations. The locations are displayed through the Google Earth display.

The geolocation metadata in GeoPrivate.ipl, are added for both ip.src and ip.dst. The parser uses two external data files, GeoCity.dat and GeoCountry.dat, which are both stored in the application directory. There are up to eight metadata for each IP address as listed in the table below.

city.dstDestination City
city.srcSource City
country.dstDestination Country
country.srcSource Country
latdec.dstDestination Decimal Latitude
latdec.srcSource Decimal Latitude
longdec.dstDestination Decimal Longitude
longdec.srcSource Decimal Longitude
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