ESA Config: Step 1. Add Event Stream Analysis Service

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This topic provides information on how to add the Event Stream Analysis (ESA) service on a host.


Ensure that you have installed an ESA service and added the host in Security Analytics. For more information, see "Step 1: Add or Update a Host" in the "Host and Services Getting Started Guide."


To add the Event Stream Analysis service:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.

    The services view is displayed.

  2. In the Services panel, select  > Event Stream Analysis.

    The Add Service dialog is displayed.

  3. Provide the following details.

    HostSelect the host on which you want to install the ESA service.
    NameType a name for the service.

    Default port is 50030.

    Note: ESA can be configured using the SSL port 50030 only. You cannot configure a Non-SSL port.

    Entitle ServiceSelect if you want to apply the entitlements currently configured to this service.
  4. Click Test Connection to determine if Security Analytics connects to the service.

    Note:  While adding the service, Security Analytics sends ICMP packets to the service to verify if the hostname/ip address entered is valid for successful test connection.

  5. When the result is successful, click Save.

    The added service is now displayed in the Services panel.

Note: If the test is unsuccessful, edit the service information and retry.

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