Configure Warehouse Connector

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This topic provides high-level tasks to configure the Warehouse Connector.


Make sure that you have:

  • Installed the Warehouse Connector service or virtual appliance in your network environment.
  • Installed and configured Log Decoder and Decoder in your network environment.


To configure Warehouse Connector:

  1. Add the Warehouse Connector service onto the host in your Security Analytics deployment.
Refer to Step 1. Add a Warehouse Connector Service

Note: If you want to use the Warehouse Connector service, you must start the service before you enable the Log Decoder, Decoder, Log Hybrid, and Packet Hybrid hosts.

  1. Create the Lockbox. For more information, see the topic "Lockbox Support" in Warehouse Connector Overview.
Refer to Step 2. Create the Lockbox.
  1. Configure the data source from which the Warehouse Connector service needs to collect data.
Refer to Step 3. Configure the Data Source.
  1. Configure the destination to which the Warehouse Connector service writes the collected data.
The Warehouse Connector provides the following mechanisms to write the collected data to the following destination:
  • Network File System (NFS) - To write directly to the following deployments:
    • RSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR) 
    • Commercial MapR M5 Enterprise Edition for Apache Hadoop
    For detailed instructions, refer to Step 4. Configure the Destination Using NFS.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) - To write data into the staging folder on a remote server using SSH Key based access or Password based access. You can then manually move the data to any of the following deployments:
    • RSA Analytics Warehouse (MapR)
    • RSA Analytics Warehouse (Pivotal)
    • Commercial MapR M5 Enterprise Edition for Apache Hadoop
    For detailed instructions, refer to Step 5. Configure the Destination Using SFTP.
  • WebHDFS - To write directly to a hadoop-based distributed computing system that supports WebHDFS.
    For detailed instructions, refer to Step 6. Configure the Destination Using WebHDFS.
  1. Configure the data stream to define the data source and destination combinations.
Refer to Step 7. Configure Streams
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