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This topic provides a description of the System view > Licensing panel > Overview tab. In the Overview tab, you can monitor the current status of your service-based and metered licenses.

To access this tab:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > System.
  2. In the left panel, select Licensing.

    The Overview tab is automatically displayed.

The Overview tab displays the Licensing Actions menu and two grids:

  • Service-Based Licenses
  • Metered Licenses

Note: On initial start up, the usage shown in the Licensing page displays zero usage for the initial one hour.

Service-Based Licenses Grid

This grid displays all Service-Based licenses and their statuses.


The status of the license. There are five statuses:

  • Licensed
  • Expiring License
  • Expired License
  • Trial Licensed 
  • Not Licensed

The type of service to which the license is assigned.

  • Refresh Licenses 
  • Export Usage Stats

Metered Licenses Grid

This grid displays all metered licenses and their statuses.


The status of the license:

  • Expired License
  • Over Usage Limit
  • Near Usage Limit
  • Within Usage Limit
  • Trial Licensed
  • Expiring License
ServiceThe type of service to which the license is assigned.

Licensing Actions Menu

This menu offers several actions in the Overview tab.

Refresh LicensesRefreshes the Overview tab to display the most current license information.
Export Usage StatsExports license usage statistics.

Export Usage Statistics 

Security Analytics Version 10.6 provides the ability for Administrators to view the current usage statistics of the service. Licensing usage statistics are made available to Administrators in CSV and PDF formats.

The data provided specifies the hourly statistics captured by supported services connected to the Security Analytics server. 

Metrics can be tracked securely, allowing Administrators to save data locally on their systems to use in reporting usage compliance.

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