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This topic provides a brief description about a report. A report is a combination of rules and other formatting objects such as headers and HTML-formatted notes that describe and identify data pertaining to a particular area of interest. Reports are defined and managed in the Build Report page and can be scheduled to run on an adhoc or timely basis. Once a report is run, results are stored centrally and can be automatically sent over email, SFTP, URL, and NFS to users, viewed via the SA web interface, downloaded as PDF and CSV files.

A report consists of the following:

Report Name

Note: For Name field, the icon to extend the column size is not displayed at the end of the column field. You have to hover the mouse a little to the left side to see the icon for extending the column.

Used to identify the report to schedule them at a later time.Report1
TextPre-defined text fields used within a report to make the report more meaningful to the user.Header1, Comment
RulesThe rules (queries) used to create a user.dst

where ip.src =

Note: In the Reporting user interface, the displayed date or time is always according to the user selected time zone profile.

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