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This topic describes the features of the Chart Permissions dialog and the access permissions the user may have depending on the user role to manage a chart and chart group. Users with 'Read & Write' access permission to set access permissions for an chart can configure permissions in the Chart Permissions dialog. 

Procedures related to this dialog are described inManage Access for a Chart or Chart Group.

To access the dialog:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, click Administration Reports.
    The Manage tab is displayed.
  2. Click Charts.
    The Charts view is displayed. 
  3. In the Chart List panel, select a report.
  4. Click list_options_button.png > Permissions.
    The Chart Permissions dialog is displayed.

The following figure is an example of the Chart Permissions dialog.

The following table describes the features in the Charts Permission dialog.

RolesThe role of the user logged into the Security Analytics UI.
Read & WriteThe user can access, view, edit, import, export, and delete the chart on the Charts view. The user can also change the permission on the chart.
Read Only The user can only access and view the chart on the Charts view.
No AccessThe user cannot access or view the chart for which this permission is set. 
IconCheckbox.png Apply these permissions to sub-groups and Charts in this groupSelect the checkbox to apply the selected permissions to the chart group, sub-groups in the group and charts in the group.

Note: This checkbox is populated only when you set access permissions for a Chart Group.

IconCheckbox.png Apply Read-only permission to Rules in the ChartsSelect the checkbox to automatically apply permissions to the rules in the charts.
Cancel This option cancels all the changes made to the permissions.
SaveThis option saves the selections and provides access to the roles based on the selections.
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